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Metrilogics helps management teams achieve dramatic operational savings quickly. Through the Metrilogics process improvement approach, companies like yours have achieved significant bottom-line cost savings, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year — the larger the organization, the greater the savings! Savings occur when:

  • Team labor costs drop 15% — 35%
  • Value-added team work output jumps 20% — 30%, and
  • Unit costs fall 15% — 45%

Best of all, Metrilogics guarantees a minimum 3 : 1 payback on all project work. That's right - for each dollar clients invest in a Metrilogics project we guarantee that we'll find at least $3 in bankable, bottom-line savings. These bottom-line benefits take hold in the organization within weeks of implementing a Metrilogics process improvement solution — no more waiting months or years to see results!

We start by helping clients identify and tie together all key operating indicators (quality, productivity, lost time and cost). We then apply proven six sigma, lean manufacturing and project management tools and methodology to create a focused, easy-to-implement solution. Finally, we offer the technical expertise to either enhance clients' existing management systems, or build the necessary performance management systems from scratch. When we're finished, client supervisors and managers have much more direct control of all necessary management variables, and operational savings are maximized going forward across the organization.

Metrilogics reinforces almost any on-going client performance enhancement initiatives, including…

  • Quality control,
  • Continuous improvement (including Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing programs),
  • Skills training and process control documentation,
  • Team member evaluations and incentives, and
  • Pay-for-performance programs

Please browse the rest of our site to get a better understanding of Metrilogics, and see what we can do to help your organization achieve its process improvement and cost savings goals.

For more information about Metrilogics or to schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us at the e-mail link (below), or call us at 317-441-6844.

We look forward to hearing from you — let us know how Metrilogics can be your key to operational excellence!

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