The Metrilogics Savings Guarantee

Following the Opportunity Assessment, we will present our summary findings to the client's senior management team, including the identified annualized savings opportunity, and recommendations to achieve those savings.

If the client's management team makes the commitment to achieving these savings by following Metrilogics' recommendations, then Metrilogics will embark on a Savings Project with the client organization for a defined time period to make the annualized savings a reality. Metrilogics will always guarantee client annualized savings of at least 3x the client's project investment (= a guaranteed client ROI of at least 200%).

If - by the end of the project - client annualized savings exceed the original guaranteed dollar amount, Metrilogics won't bill extra for the additional savings achieved.

In the unlikely event that the guaranteed annualized savings have not been achieved by the agreed-upon project end date, Metrilogics will either:

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