Our System Design and Development Experience



Database Development
FoxPro Dbase dialect
Sybase System 10 Transact-SQL (same as Microsoft SQL Server)
Borland Interbase 5/6
Firebird 1.0/1.5
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows all versions
IBM OS/2 Warp
Mac OS X Darwin/BSD 4.2
NeXTSTEP 3.1/Mach Intel processors
Web Development
Raw HTML/HTTP programming
Microsoft IIS ISAPI web server application
Microsoft ASP.NET
Languages / Development Environment
C/C++ - Microsoft and Borland dialects
Borland Delphi Object Pascal
SQL various dialects
Assembly Languages for 6502, 6809 and 68000-series processors
Microsoft C#
IBM VisualAge Smalltalk
Exposure to BASIC, COBOL, Objective-C, Java
Class Libraries / APIs
Borland Visual Class Library (VCL)
Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)
Microsoft ASP.NET and .NET Framework Class Library (FCL)
Microsoft Win32 API (Native Windows programming)
Mac OS X Cocoa
BeOS for Intel
GEOS C64 and Intel

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