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Based in Noblesville, Indiana, Metrilogics is founded on 35 combined years of successful professional experience gained "in the trenches" of operations management, project management, and system development, spanning both the financial services and manufacturing sectors. We've improved on the development and application of best management practices - including those used within the six sigma and lean manufacturing methodologies - while drastically cutting down the amount of time it takes to achieve dramatic, self-sustaining company-wide cost savings.

Our hands-on operations management, consulting and technical system design experience make us uniquely suited to successfully drive client initiatives of virtually any scope or level of complexity, and deliver bottom-line results fast.

After reading more about us, we hope you'll come away with a solid understanding of our professional backgrounds, and that you'll get a better sense of the personal commitment we bring to bear when helping companies like yours achieve operational excellence.

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Why Metrilogics?
The Metrilogics Philosophy
The Metrilogics Approach
Metrilogics Bio: Lance Latham
Metrilogics Bio: Jim Holloway
Our Hands-On Management and Process Improvement Experience
Our Process Improvement Training and Application Experience
Our System Design and Development Experience
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