The Metrilogics Philosophy



Continuous improvement, SMED, TQM, Kaizen, process re-engineering, Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, short interval scheduling, etc.



These are (and have been) common management concepts and training themes for years and many companies have spent a great deal of time and money developing their management teams to implement these best practices.



As challenging and costly as it is to establish solid management methodologies, companies often drop the ball by not having the right tools in place to ensure a consistent return on investment going forward. While the implementation of these programs often generates a first-time cost saving blip, this benefit fades in successive periods because there are no management tools in place to reinforce to team members when things begin to fail, the associated costs of these failures, and what needs to change in order to get the initial cost savings back on track.



To do their job right, front-line supervisors need management tools that tie all production, lost time, quality and related cost data together, down to the individual staff and process level. The right tools also automatically display all combined data in easy-to-retrieve and easy-to-understand formats including meaningful, user-friendly reports and graphs. Front-line supervisors must also have direct and immediate access to such management information, so that they can spot and quantify off-schedule conditions in real time.


Metrilogics provides these empowering capabilities to supervisors, allowing them to give objective performance feedback to their team members, and to better communicate their operational needs to peers and managers. Together, everyone can take timely and appropriate corrective action, confident that they have all the facts to support their decisions.



In addition to furnishing organizations with a uniquely effective set of performance management controls, Metrilogics can also help clients set and validate process capability standards (not the same as planning targets or quotas!). These types of targets motivate individual team members to consistently perform at their best levels, instead of settling for average. In this way, team members, supervisors and managers can isolate - and take steps to eliminate - the gaps between how well were doing vs. how well we can do. When this perspective is adopted across all levels of an organization, operational cost savings begin to really take hold and drive continuous improvement (see CASE STUDIES).



From laying the groundwork for an effective management system to developing and installing the management controls themselves, Metrilogics can help any business move forward by allowing the front-line supervisor team to take charge of their departments quickly.


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