Metrilogics Bio: Jim Holloway
Managing Partner, Director of System Design and Technical Support





Jim brings a high degree of technical expertise, applied creativity and a life-long entrepreneurial spirit to Metrilogics.


He first demonstrated this combination of talents while in high school, when he designed, programmed and marketed his own computer game written entirely in high-performance machine language for the Commodore 64, called Torque. He has been awarded U.S. patent #6056290 for a novelty game cube puzzle, which he also invented while still in school.


After graduating with honors from Indiana University (Bloomington) in 1989 with a B.S. in Computer Science, Jim worked for various companies as a Software Engineer, Senior Programmer/Analyst and Database Specialist. Along the way, Jim gained a wealth of experience with both Windows and web application development and a variety of languages, database platforms and development environments, including InterBase, Sybase, SQL, HTML, Borland C/C++, Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio C++, and most recently, ASP.NET and C#.


Jim possesses an innate problem-solving capability, which he consistently displays as he designs operations management systems that help drive bottom-line, cost-saving results. His professional qualities—combined with his personal drive to deliver a quality product to clients on time and on budget—make Jim an invaluable member of the Metrilogics team.


Career Experience
Software Engineer–PHD, Inc. (Fort Wayne, IN)Dec. '01–Oct., '07
System Designer–ChronoStamp, LLC (Fort Wayne, IN)June, '01–Nov., '01
System Designer– (Fort Wayne, IN)June, '01–Nov., '01
Database Specialist–Chameleon Power (Fort Wayne, IN)Nov., '99–May, '01
Sr. Programmer / Analyst–Lincoln National Corp. (Fort Wayne, IN)Sept., '94–Nov., '99
Software Engineer–Eclipse Computer Solutions (Fort Wayne, IN)June, '92–Sept., '94
Programmer–GTE Data Services (Fort Wayne, IN)Sept., '89–June, '92
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science–Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)May, '89

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