Robust Production Management (RPM) Training

The Metrilogics Robust Production Management (RPM) method is a proven approach to quickly strengthen operations and substantially boost profitability in a variety of business sectors, including manufacturing, supply chain / logistics, financial services and IT.

And now Metrilogics is pleased to present RPM classroom training, covering the same 13 module topics that we offer through our iPhone and iPad business apps. The RPM series targets the concepts, techniques and tools we use when driving bottom-line operational savings results for our clients - and we can teach them to your company's team, too. RPM topics include:

To clarify, RPM is not the same as Six Sigma or Lean. Instead, RPM is a targeted performance improvement methodology that complements and reinforces other process improvement disciplines. Each RPM module's session takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to conduct in a classroom setting, and each topic stands on its own - allowing managers to pick whichever training modules would benefit their teams the most.

Let us know if RPM classroom training would help your company or your clients overcome any upcoming challenges - we're happy to answer any questions or discuss specifics in more detail.

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